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You, scrolling through Twitter and Facebook, sitting on your computer aren’t in the shape you want to be. Is it because you don’t know how to lose weight or how to get fit? No! You know exactly, where the extra pounds you have come from: Beside cheesecake, a lack of motivation is the simple explanation for that belly you still have.

But believe me when I tell you:


And there is help. You can do it. Don’t fall into that toxic state of accepting your failure. After the third year in a row failing to accomplish your new year resolutions, it may seem obvious to accept, that you won’t ever do it. I was there, too.

But thank God, I discovered the power of motivational quotes. Sometimes all you need are just one or two inspirational gym quotes to trigger your motivation and set up a completely new mindset for your entire day. Finding one quote you can rely on can make the difference between being a winner or being a loser. You might think now: “it’s just one fitness quote. How is one sentence supposed to motivate me?”

Let me tell you how:

The decision weather you will or will not work out today is made in a short moment. The hardest lift of all is your ass off the couch. You never turned around halfway to the gym saying: I don’t feel like working out, today.” You just need 10 seconds of inspiration per day to get in shape. And that’s where the power of motivational fitness quotes lies:

I’m searching the web every day to find the best and most inspirational gym quotes for you and collect them here on my website. So feel free to go grab a quote that inspires you and pin it to your refrigerator or set it as the background of your phone!